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 Girls Track
Congratulations to the BMS Girls Track Team!
The BMS Girls Track Team recently won 1st place at the Junior Pirate Meet. 

As our children grow, they are constantly being impacted by the people they come in contact with during their journey.  When they walk on campus, enter the hallways, and arrive at their classes, it is our goal at Brandon Middle School to provide every student with the best possible education.   Our teachers are constantly striving to improve their classrooms and their methodology of instruction.  The world of social media and quick information has made our students a technology driven generation.  While this can be positive, there are still basic ideas that every child must learn. In education we have learned if we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s students, we rob them of tomorrow.  The process of teaching is ever changing to meet the demands of the world.  To be successful in the world today, students must be able to think on their feet, solve any given problem, analyze sets of data with parameters, and learn how to interact with fellow colleagues. 

As an administrator, I believe our teachers strive to provide the best possible academic learning environment for every child.  However, it is essential to remember academics are only one aspect of the student.  We must teach the whole student if we are to be a successful school.  The whole student includes knowing what kind of “grades” our students will make in understanding the principles of behavior, honesty, and integrity.    

Our goal is to prepare students for success at the high school and through out the rest of their lives.  This success will provide a unique opportunity for every child as he/she begins his/her adventure in the fast paced world of today.  Educators know that teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.  If we fail to educate a whole child today, what hope does he/she have for picking up the pieces for tomorrow?  The foundation of an education is teaching students to be productive citizens in an every changing world of today, so they can solve the problems of tomorrow. 

Our theme for the 2014-2015 school year is “Hope Changes Everything.”  If we give every student hope, then we give every student an opportunity for success.  At Brandon Middle School every teacher, administrator, assistant, custodian, clerical, and cafeteria worker will strive to provide the BEST educational experience for every student. We want your student to have the best experience he/she can have at Brandon Middle School.  Our hope is that your student will build the foundation of today so they can grow to be the leaders of tomorrow.  Thank you for allowing us to share these few precious years with your student.  

Dr. Charles Frazier, Principal